I’m Beril; creator of this blog, a Management Engineer who is passionate about gastronomy, a dancer, a coffee addict and a night thinker.

I love keeping my mind busy with recipes, food trends and any type of taste combinations. Sometimes I travel to eat, just to eat. I buy cheese as a souvenir. I’m always up for the sophisticated ambiance of a decent meal with a good drink. I believe it nourishes soul just like literature and good music. In a world with full of problems, culinary arts help us to get away from the unpleasant, dull parts of life and remind us that it is worth to live. So I never miss a chance to cook. In case I might need help in kitchen, I have an assistant named “wine”. We cooperate for better results.

What I’m interested in the most is Italian cuisine. My greatest strength here is to constantly stir risotto without tiring my arm. My greatest weakness, on the other hand, is chocolate. There is always room for dessert. 

I’d be more than happy to share delicious contents and unique tastes here. I hope you have a good time reading this blog.