Vodcovid Summer Edition: The Special Cocktail of Corona Times

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Coronavirus was so catastrophic that I created a vodka cocktail to drink during quarantine. Because days were way too long and we needed to finish them somehow.

Then, Vodcovid was born.

It was strong, bitter and cold. Just like the days we had in lockdown.

Seasons changed, but coronavirus still resists. So Vodcovid was revised and adapted to the season. Now it includes summer characteristics. It still has a bitter taste but is much more fresh and light. It represents the hesitation between “Who cares, I go out and socialize without even a mask” and “There will be a second wave of Covid-19, so we better be careful”.

Vodcovid Summer Edition is a pretty drink. Here comes the recipe:

Mix, decorate and enjoy.

If you still try to stay at home and spend your summer by making cocktails to yourself, then Vodcovid 2 could be your best friend.

It could stop you from asking following questions:

  • When can we stop social distancing?
  • When can we stop wearing masks?
  • When can we travel again?

Consume some alcohol and take it easy.