June 21: The Longest Day Which Means More Time to Eat

Still 24 hours, I know. But since the day is longer, you can have more food before the sun goes down. Maybe even after… Besides that being the longest day, this year’s June 21 is Father’s day, and there is an annular solar eclipse happening. Quite many reasons to eat and drink.

I prepared a special menu for you to eat all day. From early breakfast to the late night snack, you can have them as much as you want!

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08:00 Breakfast
Oatmeal: It is a good way to start the day. Early birds can eat a bowl of oatmeal first, before having their second breakfast in the following hours. Day is long after all.

12:00 Brunch
Pancakes: It’s Sunday and it’s noon, pancake is a good idea and you know it. You can finally have a proper start to this long day.

16:00 Lunch
Cold soup: There is nothing better than a cold, fresh, liquid food to have in the middle of a hot summer day. Plus, it’s really light so you can still have room for dessert.

17:00 Dessert
Rose cherry tart: Remember, it’s “Father’s Day”. You can make your daddy this pretty tart and make his day even more beautiful.

20:00 Dinner
Kebab: This easy and fancy Turkish kebab with yogurt and cherry tomatoes fits perfectly for summer.
Pasta: Great carb addition to your protein. After kebab, this creamy pasta will make you satisfied.

21:00 Drink
Vodcovid: You need a good drink to close a day. Have a fresh booze when you’re still on daylight.

23:00 Snack
Homemade chips: This is a bonus; a healthy late night snack for your last bites before the June 21 is over.

Enjoy your June 21 menu! Eat, drink, repeat and don’t count calories.
But the next day, go for running or something.

We still need to burn them 😀