Is Herbal Tea The New Booze?

I find it so sad when one wastes alcohol only to be able to sleep; but that’s what happens when suffering from not sleeping. Consuming alcohol here is a so-called solution, just as for the situations that you think you can’t handle when sober. I’m pretty sure everyone has ever experienced this at least once. Whatever the stupid reason that keeps you annoyingly awake in the middle of the night; it eventually causes you to grab any alcohol you can find at home, and drink it without even enjoying. Because we believe that having some alcohol makes us sleep like babies. Guess what?

It doesn’t.

How alcohol might ruin your sleep?

It helps at the beginning, but then it starts to affect the rem sleep. Then the quality of your sleeping would reduce. You are then likely to wake up all of a sudden in the early morning and not sleep again. Little booze won’t hurt anybody, of course; but if you repeat the same alcoholic behavior every night only to sleep, then you might ruin your sleeping pattern.

Sometimes you can sleep only drinking milk. Then one day you start to add some vodka to your milk, and at some point you realize that milk is actually not that necessary. So your sleeping is slowly ruined and you have to take the control.

Try herbal tea before sleep

I personally experienced that herbal tea is a better alternative to have a proper sleep. Even though it doesn’t taste so fantastic, especially comparing to delicious cocktails, they give me the sleep I need. I almost never wake up during the night, I get up actually rested, and feel better the next day. So I’m not carrying the previous night’s nervosity to the following one.

Best herbal teas for bedtime:

  • Camomile
  • Melissa
  • Peppermint

Well, I actually drink only camomile. It’s the most tasty one. If velvet were a liquid, that’s how it would’ve taste I believe. A cold beer is still more charming but hey, herb tea causes you to go to toilet just like beer does; which means it could be equally good. Speaking of that, don’t drink the tea right before you intend to sleep. Give your urinary system some time to process the tea. You wouldn’t wanna interrupt your sleep to go to toilet, while your whole point is to make yourself sleep better. Drink it an hour before your bedtime for instance; you can read book in the meantime.

Herbal teas can really arrange your sleeping pattern. They are natural and has proved relaxing effects. Seems like the best cure for sleeping problems.

Herbal tea is better than booze when it comes to sleeping. Just give it a try.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I go grab a beer.

Good night!