Hit Me Baby Wine More Time

Today is National Wine Day, but which day isn’t, right? Everyday is a wine day if you make it. So today, if you are looking for an excuse to open a bottle; here it is. Happy Wine Day Everyone!

Sometimes you celebrate special occasions with wine, sometimes wine itself is a celebration. Either way, it makes your day beautiful. From the excitement of opening the bottle to the last drop of pleasure, it brings joy and you know it’s more than an alcoholic drink.

There are many special wine days in the calendar through the year; but for any possible moment you want to celebrate wine for no reason, you should always have a bottle in your fridge. Also for bad days, you know, just in case…

5 Situations Where You Should Stock Wine at Home
  1. When you crave wine all of a sudden and can not substitute any other liquid for your thirstiness. You better have it under your hand.
  2. When you are alone at home and want a companion for a good time.
  3. Or when you have an unexpected guest. We all know a bottle of wine is even tastier when shared.
  4. When you have a food to pair with wine, or maybe cook with it, you don’t want to upset the food.
  5. When you are not able to travel but still want to experience some regions, wine is a way to escape from home while sitting at home. It can take you to Bordeaux, Napa, Italy, Australia or wherever you want.

You don’t actually need any reason to have wine though. Just grab a bottle and enjoy every second of it.

Any time during a day is a right time for drinking wine, but if you are unsure about when to drink it, here is a basic calculation:
When it’s too late for coffee, it’s time for wine.

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.

Paulo Coelho

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