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Avocado vs. Avocadon’t

People either love avocado or hate it, nothing in between. For me it’s one of the most fantastic food of all times. It’s way more than guacamole. It’s neutral; you can make a sauce, a salad, even a dessert or eat it straight forward. However we should be a little bit sensitive while consuming it, as using it in the wrong way may cause you to think you hate it. Know about do’s and don’ts with avocado and you will be glad eating it.


  • Pick it right: go with the medium to dark green ones while buying if you want ripe. You can check if they are soft enough, but not too soft, by squeezing in your palm.
  • Ripen at room temperature: if not ripe yet, place the avocado ideally in a brown, paper bag and including a fruit like apple makes the process faster.
  • Cut it correctly: cut it lengthwise around the seed, until the knife hits the seed and rotate while cutting. Then separate the halves.
  • Store in the fridge: if it’s ripe already, then it can be stored in the fridge. You can sprinkle with a bit lemon juice to prevent browning.


  • Don’t over-ripen: when you peel off the cap, if the color underneath is green, it’s ready. Also make sure you don’t microwave them for ripening.
  • Don’t juice it: it’s just not a good idea since it’s not a juicy fruit.
  • Don’t cook it: with the heat, it loses its creamy texture. It’s better to eat as fresh as possible.
  • Don’t waste: if it’s overripe anyway, just mash them and have a base for multipurpose recipes. Don’t waste any single piece of this beauty.

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