Cure for Coronavirus Lockdown: Vodcovid

If Coronavirus were a movie, like it’s supposed to be, my recommendation would’ve been a huge box of popcorn. But considering its reality, we need something stronger.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Vodcovid: the special cocktail of Corona times. The drink that you can show to your camera when you video-call with your loved ones. The drink that stays with you at home and makes quarantine process less unbearable. 

The recipe is created by the bitter feeling of social isolation and the smooth ambiance of being at home. So I believe it contains a little from both.

Now if you washed your hands, we can come to the point.

Recipe for Vodcovid

Tip 1: You can make your own almond milk by soaking almonds overnight.

Tip 2: Also as a snack, almonds go well with your Vodcovid.

If you are lucky enough not to suffer from the coronavirus or not to worry about finding food during quarantine; you can do yourself a favor, prepare this drink and chill a bit.

Stay appetent, stay home.