Everything is Temporary but Stockpile Lasts Longer

Expiry date is not the most appealing thing on a food package, or not the one catching our attention first. But that tiny label could save us from possible troubles. It gives us the chance to manage our eating. I truly see this as an opportunity since we’re not able to control the permanence of many other things in life. Feelings, situations or concerns… I wish they all had an expiry date, so we could’ve known how long we could rely on them.

Pretty much everything is temporary, but some lasts longer than the others. Just like the foods I’m about to list below. They are quite suitable for stock up, useful and long-lasting. They won’t remain forever but if you throw a party, those wouldn’t be the ones that get tired first and leave the place early.

Quarantine times require a serious kitchen management. A well-organized fridge, properly stocked food, right storage and wise usage make this process way more comfortable for your kitchen. I prefer the foods that can be stored in their natural way, not as frozen or canned. Plus, I really love each of them below. If you store them in a right way, they’ll be on your shelf even when you don’t know what to do with them anymore.

15 Cool Foods to Stock Up

  • Beans: great protein sources.
  • All purpose flour: enjoy your carbs, because why not?
  • Dried fruits: they are still fantastic in that creased skin.
  • Honey: This beauty is famous for its longevity and it goes with everything.
  • Peanut butter: creamy, tasty, healthy.
  • Oatmeal: base of my favorite breakfast.
  • Maple syrup: pancake is always a good idea, right?
  • Cocoa powder: you can make lots of tasty recipes out of it.
  • Corn starch: oh, polenta!
  • Vinegar: also used to kill viruses around.
  • Parmesan: there is only a few things in life as great as parmigiano 
  • Wine: no need to say, longer the better.
  • Pasta: like wine, it’s even better by time.
  • Nuts: don’t go nuts, consume nuts.
  • Dark chocolate: yes, I saved the best for last. 

I hope this helps you to organize your stockpile during quarantine. The more carefully we store our food, the less we go out for grocery; which means we could safely stay at home. 

Don’t worry, much like everything else, Coronavirus has an expire date too. It will eventually pass. Meanwhile, we should focus on the things that stays longer with us. 

Enjoy your stockpile.