First Episode: How a Pandemic Led Me to Start This Food Blog

I know we all had plans for Spring, and being in a 8.9 rated horror movie, I believe, was not one of them. It could’ve been fun though, if the scenario were not real. But like any negativity, Coronavirus has a silver lining. It’s frightening, yet mind-opening. When everyone retreated to home, when systems paused and countries breathed a little from tourists; we realized how much we loaded on our planet. We started to question our treatment to nature or remembered the things we were missing, the things we neglected to do, the things we couldn’t even strive to be sensitive to. The values ​we forgot revealed again.

The quarantine process is surely challenging enough for those who have to be outside; but for those who stay at home, this can be an opportunity to learn how to transform boredom into something creative. Personally, it did allow me to do things that I otherwise wouldn’t have time to do. So I finally put them on the agenda instead of postponing and then, started this food blog. A global disaster, a pandemic, a deadly virus gave me a chance to be productive while sitting with uncertainty.

Now since we have way more time to spend in kitchen, I’d be glad to offer you my tasty ideas. You can just take a look when you get tired of organizing stuff around the house or when you feel the urge to eat up your quarantine stock.

At some point, if world is a one pot meal, each one of us is an irreplaceable ingredient. We are all in this together. What we are experiencing is horrible, but we still have to get up every day. Keep your appetite, sweeten the bitter taste of difficult times as you can and raise your mood.


Good food, good mood. 

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